3 December 2009

Adding links

Just added a few links worth checking out:

  • The Land Between Report (McMurtry et al. 2008). The final report on fieldwork in selected areas of, well, "The Land Between". I'm still getting used to the name, but, I like that it's easier than saying: "you know, that central Ontario Paleozoic (young limestone/dolomite) - Precambrian (ancient granite/ gneiss) contact zone "complex ecological transition zone" / "ecotone" / ELC buffet and acidophile-> calciphile 2-for-1 plant show + a few Atlantic Coastal Plain species, that goes from Georgian Bay -> Kingston / the Frontenac Axis?" ...yeah, definitely easier than saying that. BTW: this paper "The Land Between - An Overlooked Ecotone in Southern Ontario" from 2003, is still a good a intro / primer.

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