5 September 2007

Tending the Earth - A Gardener's Manifesto - Lorraine Johnson

Lorraine Johnson is Toronto native plants gardener, writer and lecturer.

This morning I was reminded again -- by Garden Route Therapy blogger, steward & Horticultural Therapy student Emma Rooney -- how often folks who may have never even heard of Lorraine Johnson or this book, soon recognize it as "the book I have always wanted to read" (Marjorie Harris).

Unfortunately, it's a few years old now & is becoming more difficult to find/buy (of course I know you'll try your local indie bookstore 1st, but even Chapters is sold out of both editions of it). I hope it eventually goes into re-print, but to be safe, if you haven't read it yet, you might want to check it out soon. Shop around, I've seen prices vary by $20.

If you're in Toronto, you can also literally check it out through the Toronto Public Library.

If you can / do buy it, I recommend considering buying a second copy, just to lend out. I can't think of another book with legs like this one. It seems to go exactly where it's meant to be.

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