7 October 2007

Identifying and Managing Invasive Plants - A Resource List for stewards and gardeners in Toronto and Southern Ontario

“The first rule of intelligent tinkering is to keep all the pieces.” - Aldo Leopold

"Invasive species are the second biggest threat to wildlife and plants worldwide. Habitat destruction is the first." - E.O. Wilson

And that is why I've made this list of invasive plant resources. I hope you find it useful too.

Toronto and Ontario invasive plant information:

Invasive plant online resources & databases useful in Ontario:

Get involved locally:

Choosing native plants to replant when removing invasives:

  • In this blog's links list, see
    • Native plant nurseries / sources
    • Native plant gardens & naturalized yards: how to's & plant recommendations

Invasive plant & wildflower field guides useful in Ontario:

Local legislation:

More Control Methods and Research:

Note: many control methods / “removal protocols” and info about past and current research are already included in the links above.

About Pesticides:

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