14 November 2007

Growing trees.

An excellent article about Toronto's urban forest by LEAF's Todd Irvine appeared last Sunday in the Toronto Star. Excerpted from greenTOpia: Towards a Sustainable Toronto Vol.3

"Carolinian Canada" is a big place. A lot of plants are actually very regionally specific. For example Redbud is only really native down near Point Pelee, and Winged Sumach only occurs in Norfolk and Prince Edward Counties. Ever tried to find which tree and shrub species are really indigenous to your region? Check out Forest Gene Conservation Association's list of trees and shrubs native to the Toronto area / eco-district 7E4. Also see this site for native trees and shrubs elsewhere in South-central Ontario.

We're not just growing plants, we're growing soils and the biota who live there. This is especially important in urban and suburban areas where so much of our soil-life has been heavily disturbed and destroyed. In past few years we've started to clue-in to the necessary role of mycorrhiza fungi in tree health. Check out Mycorrhizae: Unsung Heros of Forest Health from the Ontario Arborist.

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