5 December 2007

Carden Nature Festival 2008!

Prairie Smoke

Hairy Beard Tongue

Juniper & Balsam Ragwort

limestone pavement & Smooth Wild Rose

Indian Paintbrush and Balsam Ragwort

If an alvar invites you over for a visit, you go.

Alvars are globally rare -> imperiled. Luckily, here in Toronto, our neighbourhood alvar is less than a 90 minute drive to the Carden Plains, just NE of Lake Simcoe.

What will you find there? Go here to the OMNR NHIC site, and in the empty field beside “Natural Areas Name Search” type in the word Carden & press the "search" button.

Some seriously cool stuff, no? You can make your own field trip but, really one of the best ways to get to know the area is at the annual Carden Nature Festival: they have excellent field trips and leaders, access to lands usually off-limits and it's a fund-raiser with the small activity fees going toward the conservation of the area. See you there!

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