7 January 2008

headed for the endangered list?

The New Ontario Naturalized Garden by Lorraine Johnson is still the first book I still recommend to anyone interested in native plant gardening in Ontario. It’s invaluable, no comparison.

Today, trying to buy a copy online, most of the regular prices clicked-through as “sold out”. You can still find new copies here, with prices varying from $19 to $319(!)

Quite likely there are also still pockets of new copies to be found by calling local bookstores, nurseries or gift / book shops at local botanical gardens.

Also, if you live in Toronto there are several copies available for loan through the Toronto Public Library. Outside of Toronto, you can try your local public, post-secondary school and botanical garden libraries. It's no wonder I've come to see libraries more like "seed banks" and conservation areas. Still, if we lose this book from bookstore shelves, native plant gardening outreach and education in our region will have lost a lot.

Let's all cross-our-fingers for a re-print or a new edition. Not that a new edition is needed. The information in this book is still fresh and accurate.

Update: try here at The Forest Shop.

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