27 July 2008

Weeds 101 Workshop folks!

This one's for the good folks who came out to Evergreen's "Weeds 101 Workshop" at the Brick Works today.

  • the main invasive plant management strategy recommended in the workshop was: "Recognize. Remove. Dispose. Remediate. Replant. Return." Read more about it here
  • most of the invasive plant resources mentioned in the workshop are posted here
  • Dog-Strangling Vine (DSV) merits its own post
  • we also touched on High Park's experience with DSV, including glyphosate / Round-Up, as well as glyhposate laws in Toronto
  • and how Garlic Mustard is changing our forests by reducing the mychorrizal fungi in soil.
  • also, as stewardship co-ordinators Claire from Evergreen and Sharon Lovett from High Park mentioned, a great way to learn about invasive plants is by joining a local stewardship group in Toronto
  • if you want to stay-in-the-loop about future workshops and events not only at Evergreen Brick Works but throughout our area, please check out the links under "Events, Workshops, Field Trips, Volunteering " in the right side bar
  • In that same long list of links on the right, you can also find some good advice on how to plan a native or naturalized garden under "Native plant gardening & naturalization: how to's & plant recommendations" as well as where to buy ethically propagated under "Native plant nurseries & sources" too.
I can't thank you enough for making it out today, for caring, and for your encouragement too -- it all makes Dog-Strangling Vine and Garlic Mustard feel a little less overwhelming.

"It is not for you to complete the task, but you must begin."

Thank you again and please post any questions, info or links to pics from this afternoon in the "comments" below.


steve s said...

Hi. Your link to my site isn't working (thanks though). Also it's Forest not Forestry. I don't have your email address to send this offline.

Steve S.

Dave and Norma said...

Thanks, Nativeplantgirl. We had a good time and learned a lot. A great introduction to invasive plants and to some of the good work being done by Evergreen at the Brickworks.

Now how about a similar workshop on native plants and how to recognize and support them?

We love your blog too. All those reference links are much appreciated.

Dave & Norma

native plant girl said...

Hi & thank you so much Norma and Dave. :)

I don't know when the next native plant gardening workshop will be, but luckily they're not too hard to come by (invasive workshops are much more rare). But I do know where to look for them: every month or so I check out the links under "Events, Workshops, Field Trips, Volunteering" in the right sidebar on this blog. I also sign-up for their email lists too.

The native plant workshops (and sales too) seem more popular in the spring, but I've seen them in other seasons too.

Also, Dave: I rec'd your email about the 3 R's / "Recognize. Remove. Replant." mentioned in the workshop and so I updated the post with an easier-to-find link about that.

I have to run away for now (pesky cow vetch and black medic needs some minding as we speak!)

native plant girl said...

Steve :)

oops! sorry 'bout that and thanks for letting me know. should be working fine now. keep wondering, how is your season going?

steve said...

Still not working. Maybe leave out the www from the address.

Busy year.


guild-rez said...

I live in Guildwood (Toronto East)
and posting information as well as pictures about DSV on my blog.
Too bad I missed your workshop.
I hope to organise one in our community. Any advise?
DSV is replacing very rapidly our wildflowers in our parks and open spaces.
- Cheers.

native plant girl said...

Hi Guildwood! :)

Love your blog and your recent DSV post on it too!

Were you able to get to the DSV meeting in Highland Creek last February? (unfortunately, it wasn't well publicized). if you didn't i'll try to fill you about it and the speakers. (are you in the Rouge or Highland Creek watershed?)

also, you probably noticed, but just in case, my post on October 13 has details about two upcoming invasive meetings you would appreciate:
-Invasive Species of the Toronto Area (NANPS)
-the Ontario Invasive Plants Council meeting

i recommend both / if you can get there, do! (:

and thank you for asking me for advice - i'll consider that a compliment:) & i DO have some thoughts about this, and i'll post them here in a day or so. (sorry - been busy - got colder a little faster than i planned on. plants can't wait.)

btw my email is nativeplantgirl ----- at ------ sympatico.ca


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