22 October 2008

The Tangled Garden

The Tangled Garden - J.E.H. MacDonald

In autumn, a lot of gardens around the city remind me of this painting. It is especially evoked for me when I see the humongous sunflowers (still standing!) at the Children’s /Veggie Garden at the Brick Works. (The squirrels in my neighbourhood would've feasted on those weeks ago!)

Makes sense that I see these scenes around the GTA since the painting is from a garden in Thornhill: 121 Centre Street Vaughn Ontario to be exact. MacDonald, a member of the Group of Seven, owned the property and painted this garden out back of it in 1916. The property is now protected by the Ontario Heritage Act. I’ve read about plans hoping to restore the garden, but I can’t find updates about that. Guess I should just drop in one day.

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