29 April 2009

Vole @ Downsview tree planting says "Thanks for all the new eats!"

Not just the couple/few thousand new tasty young trees and shrubs either. I bet he appreciates how we broke up that insane clay to expose so many yummy weed roots & rhizomes, because that's what he really seemed intent to chew on. :)

Tree guard tip: we handled the tree guards (yup those white coiled plastic things) a little different on this site. Because of the voles, we screwed the guards in the ground a little. also, because we were concerned about vole damage (wee dudes, not bigger guys like beavers) I was mystified by the height (long length) of the tree guards ... until it was explained that come winter (of course, but why i hadn't i thought of this before?) the voles will go on top the snow to chew on the bark.

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