24 June 2009

Stewardship Network webcasts

A few hoice Michigan Stewardship Network webcast archives are free this week only. Just go here. Also notice that all the archived webcasts are free this weekend too.

i LOVE these!

Try one. If you like it, check out their next free monthly webcast (it's cool to 'see' some of the folks you'll recognize from Southern Ontario restoration ecology and stewardship too!). You can also sign-up online to receive notices about future webcasts. BTW: It's a great way to stay up to date with practical invasive plant management too!

PS: City of Toronto Stewardship volunteers: pls see this Don Watcher post about how the current city strike affects the stewardship program.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Native Plant Girl. In case you're not on the mailing list this year, I wanted you to know the stewardship corn roast is on Sun. Aug. 23, 3-6pm, at the BW. I hope you are feeling better these days, and that we will see you there. Leigh D.

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