12 February 2010

Native Plant Buyers and Growers guidelines - SERO

The Society for Ecological Restoration – Ontario Chapter (SERO) has just posted revised editions of their Native Plant Buyers and Growers guidelines.

For buyers and growers: it's informative and insightful. And for what it's worth, I trust SERO and they've never let me down.

For everyone currently struggling for direction, sustainable standards and policy in a changing industry? (And, yes, this is an appeal to you folks who plan on attending next week's Sustainable Hort. Symposium). Please check out these guidelines. Good, talented folks here in Ontario have contributed (volunteered) years of their time and experience to build the most well-thought-out and practical standards that exist on this subject, any where.

BTW: SERO's working on its 2010 Native Plant Resource Guide. More details to come!

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