13 July 2010

oh, the curious wee life

Wee life along Alvar Road, Carden Plains ON

This pic is full of wonders for me: i don't know the mushroom (but i love the way he looks like maybe he's curious about me too) or the grass or the lichen w/ the stove pipes. But what intrigues me the most is the 4th species in the photo: the one which absurdly looks like some kind of 3 inch tall rubbery kelp, but w/ prickly-spiny leaf edges. I feel ridiculous even describing it like a sea or tidal zone plant, because it's growing on and between limestone pavement at an inland alvar, but, yeah, those are the only kinds of plants I've seen resembling it.

Anyone have a clue?


Marnie said...

No idea, but wow, what a diversity in that shot!

Anonymous said...

possibly is Lungwort?

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