25 March 2014

NEW! - OIPC invasive plant Webinar Series

"The Ontario Invasive Plant Council collaboration with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources will be hosting it's second lunch-time webinar based on our Invasive Plants - Best Management Practices documents.

In preparation for the spring field season, every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks the OIPC will deliver a webinar on an invasive plant which will include a presentation and an open discussion where participants can ask questions to our expert panelists.

The webinars will be held during the lunch hour (12:00-1:00pm EST)  

We hope you can join us for some of the following webinars:

  • Common Buckthorn - event complete - presentation posted on the website.
  • Dog-strangling Vine - March 26
  • Garlic Mustard - April 2
  • Japanese Knotweed - April 9
  • Phragmites - April 16
  • Reed Canary Grass - April 23
  • Giant Hogweed - April 30
The webinars feature information on the identification, habitat, impacts, control, management, monitoring and reporting of the plant.

Panelists will be available to answer questions after the presentation.

The presentations will be posted on the website after the webinar, including a quiz to test your knowledge.  Once completed the OIPC will send you a certificate of completion.

For this event you will be able to listen through your computer speakers or via conference call. The call in information is given once you have registered for the event."

To register for the next webinar please visit the homepage of their website. There you'll also see past webinars, presentations and module quizzes.

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