7 May 2007

Online Field Trip / How-to lesson.

Online Field Trip: High Park Toronto

What to look for?

Check out High Park “Natural Areas” reports from the OMNR NHIC, alphabetically under letter “h”

There you’ll find the following listed:

Where is that Natural Area on a map?

In the Natural Areas reports above you’ll notice Lat. & Long. co-ordinates.

Cut & paste them into the search bar at Google Maps. (Btw: if you go into “My Maps” you can plot all three, and keep a map of these and other places you’ve visited or would like to.)


  • Get handy with the search features at the OMNR's NHIC Natural Areas, and the rest of the OMNR NHIC site too.
  • Google maps will help you find and plot natural areas.
  • The applications are up to your imagination (I recently looked up & then plotted all "prairie" related areas near Rice Lake, ended up with a detailed road map and plant species and community descriptions = cool & informed field trip.)
Want to know more?


Also see links in side bar, under:

  • “Visit: restoration sites, native plant gardens, natural areas & remnants”

  • “Identifying Plant Communities & Landscapes”

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