8 May 2007

Outstanding Public Service Award

Ah, the 4th Con., Backus Woods.

If you like the place, you like it a lot. Enough to push your luck.

But, sooner or later luck runs out. This is a photo of what eventually happens to folks without the common sense to not drive on an unmaintained back road flanked by swamp. In the spring. After a rain.

-- & it's not like I was the only one out there too.

Walking out, the 1st house west of the woods is owned by Dave. You want to ask him if his neighbour Mike is home. That's Mike's tractor. He does this.


Like it just comes with living there.

Wonder if they knew that when they bought there?

Be good to them.

They're good guys, you might need them some time & you know they must have better things to do.

On behalf of all the folks you've-winched-before, thank you Mike & Dave.

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