10 September 2007

Books: urban public space gardening

Guerrilla Gardening: A Manualfesto by David Tracey. New Society Publishers, 2007

“...Guerrilla gardening can be summarily defined as gardening in public urban spaces with or without permission. Gardening by the citizens .. In his excellent manualfesto – both political and practical as the name implies — Tracey traces the history of this movement … he advocates organized group action …offers practical advice on how to obtain free or low-cost equipment, plants, trees and soil …teaches basic horticultural techniques and provides examples of successful campaigns in cities like Seattle, Vancouver and Montreal. .. As he reminds us, native plants are always better than exotic ones …This book is a manual as well as a manifesto but it is also something else: a very readable and humorous narrative of urban environmental efforts in modern times.”

-- excerpts from the book review Sowing content by Maya Khankhoje at the rabble.ca book lounge.


If you're interested in this, you'll also want to check out Lorraine Johnson's Tending the Earth: A Gardener's Manifesto

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