24 February 2009

Events to Sunday March 8th

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Wow - what a solid week ahead!

Tues Feb 24, 7-8PM
LEAF - Urban Forest Orientation Session
North York Civic Centre, Committee Room 45100 Yonge St. Toronto, at North York Centre subway stop. This session will provide ideas, information and contacts for individuals and groups who want to get involved in tree planting and care as well as tree protection in their own neighbourhoods. If you want to find out more about what urban forestry programs, services and resources exist across the city, or if you are interested in volunteer opportunities, this event is for you! There will also be time to network with others in attendance. Meet people who are involved in interesting projects and campaigns and find out where you can fit in! Share your ideas on how to protect and improve Toronto's urban forest. Free and open to the public. Registration is recommended but not required. Register online or call 416-413-9244 x14 for more information.

Tue Feb 24, 6:30PM - 9:30PM
Evergreen: Weeds 101 - Strategies for Controlling Invasive Species Workshop. Richmond Hill, ON. This workshop offers community groups and individuals the knowledge and tools they need to effectively combat the spread of invasive species. Focusing on species identification, the ecological impact of invasive species, and tried-and-true control strategies, Weeds 101 will help you deal with the challenge of those tenacious and persistent invasive plants. Rouge Woods Community Centre (Beech Room), 110 Shirley Drive, Richmond Hill, ON, $10 (Includes refreshments and Evergreen resources). Space is limited. To reserve your space, please download and submit the workshop registration form. You can send the form by fax or e-mail the details to the address below. Presented in partnership with the Town of Richmond Hill and the Town of Markham. If you have any questions, please contact: Lisa Fisk, Evergreen Project Manager, Richmond Hill. lfisk@evergreen.ca Phone: 416-596-1495 x226, Mobile: 416-303-6834, Fax: 416-596-1443

Sat Feb 28, 9AM-3PM
The 10th Annual Stewardship Forum
Event details:
Join us at the 2009 Stewardship Forum and learn how to engage youth, faith groups and new Canadians in your environmental projects. Enhance your ability to provide interpretive hikes, create reptile habitat and start your own monitoring projects. View displays and network over
Lunch. Learn how to:
• Lead an interpretive hike
• Create habitat for native reptiles
• Monitor pollinating insects
• Engage others in stewardship, including youth, faith and ethno-racial groups and more...
Black Creek Pioneer Village, 1000 Murray Ross Parkway, Downsview, Toronto ON
Register for workshops at the Forum. Registration: 416-392-LEAF or email greentoronto@toronto.ca.

This forum is a good place to get an introduction to the volunteer stewardship events, organizations and sites in the GTA in 2009. As I've said before, I'm an eager fan of volunteer stewardship in the GTA.
Gibraltar Point dunes planting event site, with City of Toronto Parks & Rec. Natural Environment's Parkland Naturalization and Evergreen.

Sat Feb 28, 2 - 6PM
Seedy Saturday 2009
Various locations including Artscape Wychwood Barns (Barn #2), 601 Christie St, Toronto, ON. Seed exchange, Heirloom seeds for sale, gardening workshops, and kids and many other locations. Seed exchange and other activities. Booths include NANPS and Seeds of Diversity.

Sat Feb. 28, 10AM
Winter Birds - Ashbridges' Bay
Meet at the southwest corner of Lake Shore Blvd. E. and Coxwell Avenue. Bring binoculars. Morning only. A Toronto Field Naturalists Walks event.

Sun March 1, 10:30am - 1PM
Holistic Ecosystem. High Park Volunteer Stewardship Program Winter Lecture Series Part 3. The Howard Park Tennis Club 430 Parkside Drive Toronto. See High Park Volunteer Stewardship Program (VSP) or contact vsp@highpark.org.

Three experts talk about restoring damaged natural wildlife habitats in the urban environment, biodiversity and the importance of green corridors to support wildlife biodiversity:
  • Steve Smith, consulting forester and owner of Urban Forest Associates (UFA): Restoration of damaged natural habitats for wildlife. Since 1993, UFA has provided expertise in forest management, restoration of damaged natural habitats from various causes, reforestation, plant identification, invasive species control, project planning and management. Note: check out Steve's Sustaining Healthy Ravine Forests presentation from the last Ontario Urban Forest Council AGM. It was my favourite presentation from last year, and the best conference too!
  • Dan Stuckey, Seneca College, Prof. Environmental Landscape Management: Biodiversity.
  • Amber Cowie, Ontario Nature Greenway Conservation Coordinator: The importance of natural corridors and challenges. Her current work includes protection of habitat for species at risk, the preservation of natural cores and corridors and the strengthening of rural ways of life.
Sun March 1, 2:30PM
Your Home and Native Garden: Creating beautiful natural spaces where we live, work and play. Speaker: Paul O'Hara, Proprietor, Blue Oak Native Landscapes. Illustrated lecture. Lectures are given at Emmanuel College, 75 Queen's Park Crescent East, Toronto. A Toronto Field Naturalists lecture. For more information call the TFN office at (416) 593-2656

Sun March 1
The Nature Conservancy of Canada’s (NCC) Conservation Volunteers program volunteer events and field trips schedule for 2009 goes online today. Register early! The program matches volunteers of all skill levels with critical conservation projects. If you or your family and friends are looking for a unique way to contribute to wildlife and wild places while learning new skills, spend a day or a short volunteer vacation with us.
NCC Conservation Volunteers program: young Eastern Hog-nosed snake in Mary Gartshore's hands. Ken Stead Property, Walsingham.

The NCC owns and manages land in some of Canada's most spectacular natural areas. Volunteering is a chance to enjoy incredible scenery, observe rare species, learn hands-on skills and work with dedicated and knowledgeable companions.
NCC Conservation Volunteers program: Seed collecting Lechia intermedia & other prairie species. Ken Stead Property, post-agr. black oak savannah restoration, Walsingham ON

Born in 1992? Check out the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources' Ontario Stewardship Ranger program. Starting in March of each year team locations are posted. Please check back often for an Ontario Stewardship Ranger Team located near you. The application deadline for 2009 will vary from one team location to another, but is generally between late April and early June. In order to qualify to be a Ranger in 2009 you must be born in 1992, enrolled in school, a resident of Ontario, and in good physical condition.

Sun March 8, 10:30AM - Noon
Winter Tree Identification - Toronto Urban Forestry. Meet at the benches just south of Grenadier Restaurant. A High Park Walking Tours event.


Steve S. said...

I love Steads. Found earthstars there. I planted a lot of the front section 10+ years ago on one of Mary's volunteer weekends.

native plant girl said...

Earthstars!! :D

LOVE them!

i've read that they're in all sorts of landscapes around the world but that's the only site i've seen them on. my first time was in the fall, the best time, when they fruit up from underground. i know nothing about he underground organism or its associations. curious though. oh, Mary let me bring a few home, to show my stepson (who would go to bed w/ an Audubom Mushroom feild guide at the time). we had blast drying them out and then watering them again and again and again. the neighbours wowed over that too -- it was my best party-trick that year ;). Having them on hand, I spread the spores around a spot in my backyard but nothing came up (very different soil anyways). i like the british soldier moss there too. and the running strawberry on the way in. what did you plant?

btw: i'll be leaving soon for your speak at High Park soon. I hope this doesn't embarrass you, but, you know, you're one of only a few folks (Mary would be another)in restoration ecology whose speaks/lectures make me feel like i when i was 16 yrs old and scored tickets to see one of my fave bands play. :) when they introduce you, you might notice me restraining myself from waving my lighter in the air! :P that dates me. apparently the kids today wave their blue cell screens at the stage. which sounds a bit more wholesome and safer. see you there!

Steve S said...

Planted sumach roots and black oak seeds.

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